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From house to house coffee gets consumed on a daily basis. But not everyone knows the life behind a cup of coffee. To some it just a get up and going drug, to others its a habit. But to us its a way of life, brewing coffee isn't just pouring hot water over some grounded up bean. Its the art of joining relationships of farm workers from across the globe with importers, from roasters to community forming coffee shops and from your local barista to you. Coffee is the key to forming connections with people. At Ye Serve Coffee house, we do just that. Serving each other with love.

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What inspired us.

Life was good, I was happy and everything started to fall into place, yet so it looked from my perspective.   I started seeing that every one has their own little success story and what they define as success and happiness.   The more stories I heard the more I realized, These stories comes from the comfort of sitting with a warm cup of coffee in their hands. 

The joy it gave me to see that a cup of coffee has the power and potential to calm, excite and entice people to just start sharing their lives and stories with others got me thinking.      In a world were everyone rushes, no one listens. And I wanted to listen. 

Because I already had such a passion for coffee and its culture, I knew this could be combined.        I started working on the idea to form an atmosphere where we can build lasting relationships, without fear of judgement, but a place of peace, giving each other hope in a fallen world, and at the same time enjoying the best coffee in town. Creating this culture of quality coffee gave our customers new hope and freedom to build connections. 

 Now our mission is to let everyone know that Ye' Serve Coffee house is a one stop coffee shop where serving you as our customer is top priority, educating you on coffee culture is a blessing and making you feel right at home is our delight.

- Gal. 5:13  - 

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GAL 5.13

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We have a wide variety of different brewing methods, suited for every occasion and taste. teaching you step by step with tested and top class recipies.

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"Wonderful coffee, friendly service, awesome staff and mind blowing food. Will definitely go back and recommend them to everyone I speak to. Was looking for a coffee shop that has good service and doesn't cost a arm and a leg and so happy to say we found you."

Kelly ann
-Tionette Turner

"Such a lovely place. Great coffee and the best toasted sandwiches."

-Kelly-ann Tullett

"Ye' Serve Coffee House is such a lovely rustic place...great service and very welcoming atmosphere

  • Delicious sandwiches

  • Expert baristas."
-Valeasha van der Heerdeny