About Us
Who We Are

A barista is like a personal psychologist, always listens, cares for you and serves your favorite coffee.    At Ye’ Serve Coffee House we have the mission to provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where you can receive quality coffee with quality service. It is important that we treat everyone equal but everyone of you are also special so we will serve you with great coffee with great compassion.    

At Ye Serve our focus is on coffee lovers who take time enjoying the sweet essence of a perfect brewed cup, to individual strangers who want to meet new people, straight through to the business man who wants to pop in for a quick take away cup. 

Anyone from young and ambitious to more relaxed and mature, the wealthy as well as those working their way up. All is welcome to make a visit to Ye’ Serve Coffee House and feel the warm and calm vibe that it gives.

From Bean to Cup

You have the pleasure of choosing from different methods to different beans, our specialty blend is called Agape blend and is also what we use for our milk based drinks in the coffee house. Filter coffee and bottomless drinks is brewed with our house blend, more medium roast. and we brew Single origin Guatemala, Ethiopia and much more. Our aim is to collaborate with more local roasters to support and grow the coffee culture in the east rand.

Types Of Coffee

Special Agape blend for milk based drinks, Eros House blend for filtered coffee, Multiple Single origin for specialty, alternative brewing.

Coffee and Pastry

We specialize in alternative brewing aside from the best coffee in town.

Chemex, V60 dripper, Kalita, Clever dripper, Aero press, Delter press, classic French press, Syphone and Moka pot.

All alternative methods teaching and demonstration At Ye Serve Coffee House.

Colab Local businesses

We strive in connecting local businesses with each other and helping them form part of the community. We have a complete Support local stand where our partners are allowed to advertise and display their local business products. 

To become a colab partner visit our contact page and we'll set up a meeting.

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help those in need 

Support local

Ye Serve has this community project we call a "Ye Serve Cup".

When you come in store and purchase a Ye Serve Cup it automatically donates 50% of your purchase to serving the community.

The "Ye Serve Cup" has helped many needy people with just plain old warm coffee in winter, Blankets, food parcels and most important, Prayers to keep faith and build new home within the community.