What We Do

Roasting & Brewing

Different brews requires different roasting specs, and at Ye Serve we do specialty coffee with set dates doing tastings and parings with the public, teaching you all about coffee culture. 

All our different roasts are done by a local roaster, coffee can be ordered on site or simply Contact Us


Our team is dedicated to serve your needs at any time, Weather it be to pray with you, celebrate a joyful season or just stand n support and listen.

We Serve has one mission and that is to serve every customer as Family with love. 

Coffee Chats

Nothing beats a good load off over a cup of coffee, at Ye Serve we have the perfect environment to relax and off load those work stresses.

When life gets to loud, We are here to remind you where your hope comes from, that you are more then a conqueror through Christ.

Lets talk about it
Coffee Menu

You can Download our menu or just make it easy and order online.

ordering online on our ordering platform through facebook, or simply use the Coffee Monster App.

Click & Collect
We are more then Coffee

Custom and personalized

Manual Brew

Teaching & Demonstrating


Putting your needs first